Dungeons and Dragons Twitch Streaming

When a pair of Internet beer nerds asked me to join their Twitch stream and run a Dungeons and Dragons game, I naturally agreed. I mean, come on, I will take any opportunity to roll dice and I’ve never streamed before. I was all over the idea. Plus beer!

We wanted to do something different so I suggested a Groundhog Day theme in a ridiculous fun-house dungeon like Tomb of Horrors, the PCs cursed to explore it over and over again until they figure it out. The guys took it a step further (Greg and Luke from Rysk Brewing), brilliantly suggesting we use a Quantum Leap format. It was perfect.

As each chapter in our series wraps up, the guys will “leap” into another system/setting to resolve the next timeline discontinuity. Their successes and failures will affect the final outcome of the campaign! If they do poorly the finale will be drastically tilted against them, but their successes will skew things in their favour.

We’ll visit Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Starfinder and others throughout the season. There will be some real quirky sessions as we go, but I can’t reveal everything here! We’re still interested in the Groundhog Day Tomb of Horrors, however, so watch for that in the future.

We’re going live Monday, July 9, at 1o pm Mountain Time on Twitch, but for now you can check out our session zero that streamed on Sunday night:

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