Quantum Keep – Episode 1

Wow! I’ve never streamed before and now I’m hooked.

Hanging online with the Rysk Brewing guys and playing Delta Green turned out to be one of my gaming highlights and to top it off we even had a fairly active chat room! I managed to find my stride after we got going and I hope to keep the momentum going next session.

The players started off as investigators working to sanitize the apartment of a former Delta Green agent who passed away a few days ago. The mission was to locate any documents or security breaches in the former agent’s belongings before his heirs showed up and sifted through his things. The investigation led to a cabin outside of town and resulted in the players getting warped Quantum Leap style into the world of Dragonlance where they took on the personas of Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Flint Fireforge.

Seeing Luke light up when he realized he was the iconic Dwarven warrior made the night. Greg hasn’t read many of the old D&D books so he’s completely new to his Kender character, whom many consider the Jar-Jar Binks of the Dragonlance Chronicles. We’ll see how things go as we left them having just dispatched Fewmaster Toede’s goblin patrol before making their way to the Inn of the Last Home in Solace.

So that’s where we’ll pick up the next story in which the players will no doubt try to further piece together what is happening. If you want a primer on the scope of our campaign thus far, check out our session zero episode.

To watch the first episode in its entirety, hier klicken, or watch it on YouTube:


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