Becoming a writer. How to make a living as an author.

At the age of 30 Krista D. Ball delivered herself an ultimatum: pursue her dream of becoming a writer or move on and forget about it forever. Twenty books later, and with plenty more on the way, she is now happily living off her royalties.

The writing life isn’t all Macbooks and coffee shops, however. Krista dishes on the pains of how she became an author, talks about what it took to develop her publishing process and explains how anyone who isn’t afraid of some hard work can do it too.

This is part one of two videos featuring Krista’s adventures in becoming a writer. Dive right into our conversation recorded in Krista’s backyard, where she enjoys the companionship of her corgis while typing away at her next novel. (Listen for the impending thunderstorm that chased us indoors for part two of the series.)

Her advice is invaluable to the fledgling author or even the experienced writer who is gearing up to publish again. But the most valuable tidbit I found from her advice was simple: if you are serious about becoming a writer, then BE a writer. Write, write and write some more.

Krista explains the importance of writing for niches and managing social media as well as balancing family life when you’re struggling to meet deadlines and be available to both kids and partner. Oh yeah, I mentioned  royalties earlier. There’s some inspiring words about what it feels like to make a living as a writer.

When you’re finished, take a moment to check out Krista’s Patreon and her fiery Twitter account:

Already a writer but stuck in a rut? You can gain inspiration by shaking up your regular reading. Check out my recent reading list and see if any of those titles inspire you to get back at it!

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